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  Alpaca Sweater

Welcome buyers and exporters,as a part of bringing products with the best alpaca wool quality, here you will find a variety of alpaca sweaters and alpaca products for wholesale. In this store you will find all that you was looking for. Since the famous alpaca chullo to different kinds of alpaca clothing like the alpaca poncho. All of them carefully handmade.
Enjoy your trip!

Alpaca Sweaters
High quality alpaca sweaters with details, several designs and sizes
Alpaca Chullos
Chullos in a variety of models: braid chullos, reversible chullos and more.
Alpaca Ponchos Bright and natural colors in these fine and modern alpaca ponchos for this season.
Alpaca Accessories
Wide range of gloves, mittens.
Alpaca Accessories
Wide range of accesories like purses, socks, belts, and shawls.
Alpaca Sweaters


Product care

Congratulations! Now that you have purchased a fine product of alpaca, it is necessary to provide the necessary cares by the time you wash it to make your precious garment last for years.

  • You should hand-wash your garment at a warm temperature between 100 to 105 degrees. The change in water temperature can cause the pledge to shrink, that's why I recommend you keeping the same warm water temperature stable throughout the wash.
  • Do not use extremely hot or cold water.
  • The laundry soap or liquid dishwasher may be too harsh for the fiber. This should be washed with detergent or other special baby shampoo.
  • Leave it drain in the sink and then squeeze gently.
  • Cover it with a towel and remove excess water from the fiber.
  • Hang out your garment on another towel and let it dry outdoors, you must turn its pledge from time to time so it can dry on both sides.
  • Another method of drying it in a nice, simple and cheap way is to use a shelf of sweater air dryer. This will allow you to preserve the sweater and provide good air flow around the clothes.
  • Coats, jackets, fine and detailed tissue should be dry cleaning. We recommend saving your pledge of alpaca in a dry and fresh place.

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